worlds largest snake 60 feet

Largest snake found living unbelievable in size, prehistoric monster lives and more were sited at the same time this snake was trampled over by a bulldozer clearing brush in China
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  1. roma kozlovsky says:

    you mean found dead not dying besides your stupid thumbnail is seen everywere so stop searching google images just to restate image

  2. Zach Vongsiharath says:

    This is from Laos country duh China took it from Laos 

  3. wayne hayward says:

    Apart from humans when it comes to being at the top of the food chain the answer is some snakes are and this is an example. That being land animals of course. In the sea it is the sperm whale.

  4. cinnabarmetal83 says:

    it ate a person saw a video

  5. james ford says:

    actualy i saw this same picture on yahoo news while back, they said it was about 75 foot in length. estimated to be about 100 years or so old, and to top it off another was seen slithering away when they killed that one

  6. Gabriel Austin says:

    Song name???

  7. SuperZombieguy123 says:

    sooo true

  8. the122th says:

    its in malaysia you idiot!

  9. logan roe says:

    why this song? so terrible

  10. Vijay Peroth says:

    it was said that the man who picked up this snake died on the spot with an heart attack while clearing the forest

  11. jravage77 says:

    What is it with this fucking song??!!

  12. 00Pottus00 says:

    About 14 feet, it's a matter of perception look at the size of the bucket on loader compared to the loader the fucking thing would fall over.

  13. lydia dhanraj says:

    i saw three videos of the same snake one said 49feet , 55feet an this one 60 what is the real size

  14. Ђорђе Николић says:

    Evanescence-Bring me to life

  15. jen podpod says:

    The first pic is from Laos and the second pic is fake, let me explain: this pic is not from china , why? because china do not have tropical plant and forest like this, and not from Malaysia , why? because Malaysian jungle not look like this even the government of Malay do not have any project to dig in the jungle. the 2 guys in the pic is Laos people.

  16. Michael Harris says:

    Name of song.. anyone? ??????

  17. 32908ann says:

    Wtf if I saw that? I would chop it in peices!

  18. Malique Chante' says:

    im so tired of hearing this fucking music on every video

  19. rob peacock says:

    ion msn last month they had a replica of this in grand central station, this snake exsisted called a gold boa. ook it up, still it's very implausable, but theirs parts of the world unknow to man, as the deep sea and giant squids, those are real.

  20. Anti-Spiral says:

    Gay song, gay vid.