World’s Largest Jellyfish | North America

Watch NORTH AMERICA Sundays 9|8c on Discovery. | | The world’s largest jellyfish may look intimidating, but it must be aware of it’s surroundings or it will be eaten alive.
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  1. Majd Alsaggaf says:

    did they really have to do the sound effects :@

  2. Sea-Tac Flyer456 says:

    mmmm noodles

  3. ely tending says:

    animal logic anyone? no?

  4. valofalconery says:

    So did the camera crew basically drive the jellyfish into the anemones?!

  5. awtummm 22 says:

    Awe he died ?

  6. ObscureGames says:

    This gives me anxiety

  7. Nelson-_-N says:

    Here from D news

  8. Luke Downey (Solstice) says:

    Anyone here from DNews?

  9. KIV says:

    I don't think the jellyfish is stupid enough to run onto the dangerous anemones, unless it is being chased by cameramen and run as fast as it can and bump against that dangerous wall.

  10. Hiwa Joe says:

    damn i hate those jellyfishes 3 days ago i got hit by one 
    i wish they go extinct

  11. Erez Harosh says:

    that's disturbing as hell

  12. InfamousScrubb says:

    I saw one of these while I was whaling 

  13. MarineBio Conservation Society says:

    The Lion's Mane jellyfish.. 

  14. Spartan117JMC says:

    Dat thing is fucking creepy

  15. Kristina Koch says:

    No one likes a cannibal, especially its anemones. ::::snicker::::

  16. Stefsupersaiyan says:


  17. Ross Sharma says:


  18. DuncanAndFriends says:

    Wow its like an alien world of its own.

  19. Sergio Urrutia-Oyer says:

    The sound effects in this are excessive…