WORLD’S FASTEST CLAPPER (802 claps in 1 minute)

Here’s Bryan Bednarek’s official Guinness World Record attempt

Link to the record:

Bryan claps to music:
At half speed:

Bryan on Twitter:
Bryan making music:
Bryan’s email

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  1. MotivationalMe says:

    He will make a chick cum quick with that hand movement!

  2. TurtleBurger says:

    whos the nigga breathing the the backround

  3. Peter Yost says:

    1.5 speed O_O

  4. Asim Ahmed says:

    no one can beat this speed

  5. HamJonwillis says:

    i wonder how fast this guy jerks off

  6. Daniel Owuor says:

    Just close your eyes and listen to that what is first thing you would think of?1. Fapping2. Clapping

  7. Barry Graham says:

    Round of applause

  8. Cheetah h says:

    i think everyone knows his other talent xDDDD

  9. Gamesational says:

    Im getting close to this :D

  10. lps minecraft says:

    lol watch in speed 2

  11. Jimmy Casket The Fnaf Lover says:


  12. Luis Mora says:

    what the heck that was amazing

  13. lucky jump says:

    pfh hold my drink

  14. lucky jump says:

    its over 9000

  15. ThatGuyDoe says:

    Clapping Intensifies

  16. Reed McCormick says:

    Fuck this guy, toast is the real OG

  17. Reed McCormick says:

    Fuck this guy, toast is the real OG

  18. Comedy Media says:

    owwww my ggggg sup harry potter :)

  19. yulo2 GT says:

    don't listen in 2.0 (you don't hear the claps)

  20. alex perez says:

    i can clap that fast but not clap that fast that long