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Top 5 Travelling Places In The World | Famous Places In The World

Watch Top 5 Travelling Places In The World Famous Places In The World

Alien Caught On Tape `China! The World must see this Video!

Alien Caught On Tape `The World must see this Video!

10 Creepiest, Abandoned, Haunted Places in the World

10 Creepiest Places on Earth The mysterious Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague Catacombs of Paris, France Aokigahara, Japan’s Suicide Forest Isla de las Munecas (the Island of the Dolls), Mexico Maunsell Forts, the United Kingdom Hellingly Hospital (The Lost Asylum), England Ryugyung Hotel, North Korea San Zhi Resort New Taipei City, Taiwan Staten Island Tugboat Graveyard […]

30 best places to visit in the world

30 Famous Places Seen From a New Perspective 30 Famous Places Seen From a New Perspective 30 Famous Places Seen From a New Perspective famous places, famous places in italy, famous places in world, famous places in europe, famous places in japan, famous places in india, famous places in north america, famous places in california, […]

David – Flash Cards – Famous places of the world.

David, age 8, identified all the following; Roman Coliseum, Lincoln Memorial, London Bridge, Mt. Everest, Empire State Bldg, Grand Canyon, White House, Golden Gate Bridge, Great Barrier Reef, Angel Falls, Eiffel Tower, Sears Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, K2, Big Ben, Washington Monument, Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House, Hoover Dam, Niagra Falls, […]

10 Best World Heritage Sites In Japan You Should Know

10 Famous Places In The World 10 things you should know about Japan 10 Unique And Amazing Places In The World 10 Beautiful World Heritage Sites 10 Popular Attractions in Japan By Inbound Travelers Top 5 Tallest Buildings and Towers in Japan 10 Most Popular Japanese Foods You Should […]


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Retrolectro Nation XX (Wonderful World Swing House by DJ Mibor – Tourist)

DJ Mibor’s “Tourist”, fine Electro Swing House, accomapanies around the world to see famous places of interest and international dances. Ready for the trip with your hip? VJ Retrolectro More on the music and the artists: Taken from album Electro Swing Club, Vol. 1 Approval by Max P & Jorge L. June […]

ARTHUR C. CLARKE: Seven Wonders of the World

Arthur C. Clarke, the great science fiction writer and visionary, chooses his own seven wonders in a special edition of the 1995 BBC TV series. Filmed in Sri Lanka.

Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2012

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSīƒ” 2012 GAMER’S EDITION CELEBRATING THE BEST AND MOST BONKERS IN VIDEOGAMING Guinness World Records, the global authority on record-breaking, announces the latest, greatest and most extreme achievements in the world of videogames in its upcoming publication of Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer’s Edition released on 19th January 2012. Video Rating: / 5

Great Wonders of the Ancient World No.4

The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus. It took me a couple of hours to edit and post-prod this video, not including a further two hours trying to get the bird noises at the end to come out properly, which they never did. They play 100% perfectly every time in my editing software, but for no […]

Temple Run World Record Latest

can you break it ? post your scores here with proof. Video Rating: / 5

7 Wonders of the World (HD)

7 Wonders of the World Incredible India, Great India, Tourism India, India Tours & Travel, Travel India, India Tourism, Tour Operators India, Travel Companies, Tour Companies, India Tour Travel, Tour Company, Tour Operator, Travel Company, Tour Operators, All Credits to the Producers of the video. Visit us at Video Rating: / 5

Top 10 world famous places | top world famous places travel destinations

Top 10 world famous places | top world famous places travel destinations So many lovely places to see inside the international. However, only a few are iconic. Whether or not it is a herbal marvel or an architectural website online, those famous landmarks are without a doubt many of the most recognizable inside the global. […]

Readings demo: Guiness World Records 2012

2012 will be the year of the Olympics, and to celebrate, the latest incarnation of the world’s biggest selling annual unveils its most thrilling edition yet.

Boss enters Guinness Book of World Records

Boss enters Guinness Book of World Records . Subscribe for latest happenings in Bollywood entertainment, Hindi TV Cinema and your favourite Sports celebrities, their Exclusive news updates. Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film, Boss, has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest poster in the world for its promotion. IANS India Videos […]

Bollywood World – Sadhana Sargam Records A New Song – Latest Bollywood News

Sadhana Sargam records a new song for the album Alakh Niranjan. For Daily Updates and Fun Stuff Subscribe – us on Facebook – Send us a Tweet –!/ShemarooIndia For Daily Updates And Fun Stuff Subscribe – Join Us On Facebook – Send Us A Tweet –!/Shemarooindia

Must Watch India vs Pakistan : 30,000 singing Vande Mataram World Cup 2011 Semi Final Mohali

Relive the unseen moments of the World Cup semi final between India and Pakistan in Mohali. These are the moments we will cherish about for years to come. I was there. . . and India finally went on to win the Final against Sri Lanka and ended the 28 year wait and made the nation […]

Space Quest III OST – T08 – Fester’s World ‘O Wonders

Space Quest III OST Composed by: Bob Siebenberg Recorded by: Alistair Gillett, Brandon Blume Provided by: I own none of this content. All content originally copyright 1989 by Sierra On-line. Space Quest was originally created by Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy. To download this OST in MP3 format (128 kbps), click here: View […]

I Love Rock and Roll – Miley Cyrus Wonder World Tour 2009

Miley rides over the crowd on a Harley! Opening night of the Wonder World Tour 2009 in Portland, Oregon Video Rating: / 5

Famous wonderful places around the world : Sacred World Journeys, an insight : a synopsis of what Sacred World Journeys offers…a glimpse into the Magic and fun and transformation, in Nepal, Morocco, France and others, what people who join experience, the beauty of the places we visit! Video Rating: / 5

Ball-catching dog among the newest world records – no comment

The latest edition of the Guinness World Records is launched with Linsey Lindberg, holder of a global title for the most telephone directories torn up in one minute. One of the highlights from the new book is a dog in Japan (from 1m 07s) who holds the record for most balls caught with its paws […]

Travel all around the world in the famous places (Part – 2)

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