Here’s the World’s Largest Video Game Arcade Machine – IGN News

The latest Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition boasts a host of new gaming-related records, including the largest arcade machine ever built.

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  1. Baska says:


  2. MrCZombies says:

    "Oh boy a 22 page mine craft section batman"
    "Stop being autistic robin"

  3. prickly10000 says:

    What the hell is a self-confessed arcade fanatic?  And seriously nothing in Minecraft is worthy of the Guinness book.  It take the least amount of skill and creatively to do anything in the game and the bigger the object on Minecraft doesn't matter.   It's just adding more bricks to a simple math scaling.

  4. tembani mdaya says:

    was this an advert?!

  5. guts4264347 says:

    An arcade machine made for Shaquille Oneal!

  6. the donkey man says:

    we need this at the largest arcade in the world in NH, is it fun place or some thing like that I have been there.

  7. Zyromkiru says:

    Don't let them trick you! It's just a very small man clearly.

  8. Cristian Garcia says:


  9. Dwayne Ridgway says:

    Oh great, a 22 page Minecraft section -_-

  10. Fluffy Cat says:


  11. nova says:

    Nice lol