Here is how YouTube plans to help parents supervise what videos their kids are watching

Video streaming platform YouTube is set to roll out a new feature that will help parents control what their children are watching. The feature is expected to cater the audience that does not find YouTube Kids app interesting anymore. The new experience with parental supervision is expected to increase the content horizon for kids. In a blog post, YouTube said that the new YouTube with parent supervision will provide a vast number of videos and when compared to the YouTube Kids app, it will be significantly larger.

“We give you choices to guide your kids’ YouTube journey, because we believe that kids can discover new interests, learn from diverse perspectives, and foster a sense of belonging when they explore the world of online video. And with videos from creators around the world, you can choose the best YouTube experience for your family,” the company said in its blog post.

It is to note that till now, YouTube main app is to be used by children above 13 years of age and for those below this age-slab, the company has introduced a kids app. However, with some upcoming changes, the company is giving parents the opportunity to monitor the main YouTube via their Google accounts. According to the company, this option is best suited for those who are willing to let their children explore more options apart from the content in YouTube Kids.

“By setting up a supervised account for your child, and choosing a content setting for them, this will provide additional limits on the content they can find or get recommended,” the video streaming platform added.

How will it be used?

According to the company, when the feature is rolled out, parents will be given three options. The first option is Explore, which YouTube believes is suitable for kids who are 9 years of age or older. This will have some tutorials, gaming videos, educational pieces, news and other videos that are apt for kids.

Other than this, parents can also opt for the Explore More option that will allow an increase in the content being streamed. This will include live streams and can be turned on for those above 13 years of age. The last option is Most of YouTube and as the name suggests, various kinds of videos and content will be shown on the app. This can be used for early teens under parental supervision. The content may include some sensitive topic apart from age-restricted content.

The parents will be given access to monitor the content and keep a tab on what their children are viewing via history checks. For children, in-app purchases are also expected to be disabled at the time of launch.