Allure of the Seas (Worlds largest cruise ship): Tour and highlights

Allure of the Seas (Worlds largest cruise ship): Tour and highlights

Highlights from our Cruise with the amazing Allure of the Seas.
We cruised the Eastern Caribbean on 4 – 11 March 2012

The film starts with a quick 1min trailer, then a tour of the ship’s seven neighborhoods (Promenade, Central Park, Boardwalk, Adventure Ocean, Pool & Sports Zone, Entertainment Place and Vitality & Spa)

Highlights from destinations along the way, including the Atlantis hotel in Nassau, Bahamas and Magens Bay, St Thomas

Finally some (borrowed) clips from the shows onboard, own footage from the Oceanaria show and some highlights from the Dreamworks Experience, including the Sail away party, Let you entertain me, How to train your dragon on ice and the Move it parade.

The text is in Swedish
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  1. the trainguy says:

    Just come back from a week on board. Wow so much to see or not see in a week, I think month or longer on board would be best.

  2. korhan tanzer says:

    Cvbvchhfxcvvx/ vhjhcvbjhcvbhgxxc. Bbbbvvbnnnnmmghhijgcvgvvghjjjjhbvbb bv. Bnn

  3. maddjosh69 says:

    Going on this in 18 days, buzzing!! Any useful tips I should know?

  4. kr15hi333 says:

    nice video..thanks

  5. Cruise-Channel says:

    great video

  6. joey hebert says:

    Oasis of the seas is my personal favorite

  7. Caroline J says:

    @SarahTilley. Are you going on the one from March 30-April 5 2014?

  8. Jason Smith says:

    i did not like the sound of it because it was going on and off and it look like oasis of the seas so its not my kind of ship i kind of liked the the water parks that was nice i can't stop thinking about quantum of the seas and i also went on oasis of the seas now i am going on quantum in december i will not watch that ever i will watch the other but not that

  9. hbre78a says:

    Uhh yea it is moron!

  10. Sarah Tilley says:

    I'm going on this in April spring break!!!!!???????????


    trust me 7 days is long enght


    ive been to allure of the seas it in florda

  13. cynicalotter says:

    Thanks, Nik!

  14. indianprince44 says:

    Nice Video Nik!!!

  15. sjtom57 says:

    Nice vid but I'll take a smaller more intimate ship any day over those impersonal floating warehouses.

  16. martin ruiz diaz says:

    muy bueno, para cuando por buenos aires? gracias

  17. Brylle Lim says:

    Wow. It's like a floating city! I wish I could experience this cruise someday. This is a really nice video and I like the music too. Thanks for posting this.. inspires me a lot 🙂

  18. Moydi Lumajang says:

    sip bnget eaa

  19. Maddie N says:

    not the biggest*

  20. KINO2x says:

    Nice music on 01:27