5 Best Jim & Dwight Pranks from The Office

This week’s segment of The Pulse goes out to all you “Office” lovers out there. This show was a classic, but Jim’s pranks on Dwight made it even better. Like the show? Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoF4LTjzQISQyPYip5Q-f8g

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Hey guys, I’m Madison Burke and welcome to The Pulse. We know that the show The Office has ended, moment of silence, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pay tribute to arguably the best TV duo of all time: Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute. That’s why today we’re countin’ down the 5 best Jim and Dwight pranks of all time.

Number 1, the wrapping paper desk. Dwight comes into the office only to realize that his entire desk has been wrapped in wrapping paper. He makes a quick quip about Jim wasting time to do this and then goes to sit down only to fall right through it and discover it was made of cardboard. Well done, Jim.

Next is the infamous vending machine prank. Dwight comes into work only to realize that Jim has put all of his desk belongings into a vending machine. Dwight refuses to buy all of his stuff back until Pam comes in and buys his pencil holder. It is after this that he decides he will need to buy his stuff back, but plot twist, Dwight’s wallet is also in the vending machine. So naturally, Jim leaves him with a bag of nickels to buy his stuff back.

Number 3, the stapler in jello. This is quite possibly the most famous Jim Halpert prank of all time considering it was the first one ever. That’s right office fans, think back to when you first watched the pilot of the show and this is the featured one. Dwight enters and sees his stapler stuck in yellow jello. He looks at Jim who of course is eating jello, just to irk him, and says “how do you know it was me?” Oh Jim, you sly dawg.

Next is the copy cat. This is when Jim dresses up as Dwight for the day. Dwight comes to work only to find he has a twin, Jim. He explains that he saw the glasses at a drugstore and bought them and then decided to finish off the rest of the look which cost him a grand total offff: 11 dollars. What a steal for such an epic prank.

Rounding out our list of best pranks is asian Jim. This is arguably the most elaborate prank that Jim ever came up with. When Jim won’t be there one day, he convinces his asian friend Steve to be him for the day. Dwight comes in asking where Jim is and he proceeds to tell him that he is Jim. Dwight doesn’t believe him at first, but the longer and more detailed this prank goes on, he starts to get swayed into thinking that Jim has actually always been Asian and he just has never noticed. Jim got the whole office to play along and thought of everything: even the picture of his family on his desk.

Hats off to you Mr. Halpert. We all bow down to your pranks of greatness. We’re just happy that the show went on for so long that there are even more hilarious ones that we didn’t put on our list. If you guys wish we would have talked about another one feel free to leave a comment on our video on YouTube. Also, be sure to like, share and subscribe to our YouTube channel. I’m Madison Burke for The Pulse, see ya!



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